Taikonaut watch band

20mm MiLTAT RX Collection "X" Black Calf for Rolex, Green Wax St.


MiLTAT RX Collection 'X' is tailor-made for 20mm and 21mm lug width Rolex sport watches models in 6 digits eg. 116XXX, such as (20mm) Submariner and Explorer; (21mm) DeepSea, 216570 Explorer II, 116688 Rolex Yacht Master II and Datejust II. This watch strap was tapered to 16mm buckle size and was designed to fit on the last link of the Rolex Clasp on one side & adjustable screw fixed Rolex links on the other side. Therefore, there is no limitation on the overall length of the final watch strap as you can add numbers of Rolex links on it to extend the size. This is a breaking through new era to characterize your taste & give your Rolex a unique charm.

Item no. : 20H16ZZ00C1A51-XX
Brand Name: MiLTAT
Lug width: 20mm
Buckle size: 16mm
Buckle Include: No
Buckle type / Finish: ( This watch strap is designed to be used with original Rolex watch band links & diver clasp)
Overall Length: Please refer to options (plus your own original 16mm Rolex Clasp & links)
Thickness Approx.: Approx. 4.0mm - 3.5mm
Spring bar hole dia.: 2.0mm
Design to fit : 20mm lug width Rolex, such as Submariner & Explorer
Material: Pull Up Aniline Italian Leather
Color / Finish: Nero Black
Stitches color : Military Green Hand Stitching Waxed Thread
Lining material: Calfskin

***RX Collection is tailor made for Rolex Sport watches which require advanced techniques to make the change of straps. If you are not familiar with changing watch band, kindly consult your watch repairman***

Important! Choose correct length of one-piece leather band :
Tips 1: How to calculate the length of one-piece leather I required
The Bending Length of one-piece leather band you required = Your wrist size - Your watch's spring bars distance
Tips 2: What is Bending Length & Lying Length of one-piece leather band
The Bending Length means the arc length of one-piece leather band when it is bending. On the other hand, Lying Length is when it is lying straightly.
Tips 3: What does AA, AB or BB mean
AA, AB or BB is the version of different length one-piece leather band. Usually, our product SKU Suffix use AA, AB, BB and so on to stand for different length version. XX means all variations.
Tips 4: There is no suitable length for me.
Please check other types of clasp version. Different clasp different length range.

Remember to plus your own original 16mm Rolex Clasp & links, i.e. Max.116+16mm; Min.101+16mm
Option AA Length: Max.80mm; Min.65mm
Option AB Length: Max.89mm; Min.74mm
Option BB Length: Max.98mm; Min.83mm
Option BC Length: Max.107mm; Min.92mm
Option CC Length: Max.116mm; Min.101mm

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