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MilTAT Military Green Canvas Extra Long, Green St.

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20mm or 21mm or 22mm or 23mm MiLTAT Military Green Canvas Watch Strap in Green Stitches

Brand Name : MiLTAT 
Lug width : 20mm or 21mm or 22mm or 23mm
Buckle size : 18mm or 20mm
Buckle Include : Yes 
Buckle type / Finish : Brushed 316L stainless steel, IWC aftermarket Screw-in Buckle 
Overall Length : 120mm+80mm 
Thickness : 4.8 - 2.9mm 
Spring bar hole dia. : 2.0mm 
Design to fit : All watches with 20mm or 21mm or 22mm or 23mm lug width 
Material : Canvas 
Color / Finish : Military Green 
Stitches color : Green 
Lining material : Calfskin 
Ref. Buckle : ACC-IW18-001B or ACC-IW20-001B

SKU overview:
20mm: 20H18BIW01C2F08
21mm: 21H18BIW01C2F08

22mm: 22H20BIW01C2F08

23mm: 23H20BIW01C2F08

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