Taikonaut watch band

NATO G10 in Italy Country Flag


This NATO strap is made from straight woven thread nylon. 316L High Quality Stainless Steel buckle and loop keeper ensures a good tight fit and rust resistant. The edges and holes of the NATO straps are ultrasonic welding to ensure that it is free from frills and rough sharp edges.

Measuring : 280mm (11 Inches) in length
Wrist size : Approximately 150mm (6 inch) to 230mm (9inch)
Lugend size : 20,22mm
Material : Nylon
Thickness : 1.0mm
Keeper : Heavy duty 316L IP Black stainless steel
Buckle : Heavy duty 316L IP Black stainless steel
Color : Italian Flag Color(ver. II)
SKU Overview:
NATO19-IT-B ?(Finish/Size: Brushed/19mm)
NATO19-IT-P ?(Finish/Size: Polished/19mm)
NATO20-ITN-B ?(Finish/Size: Brushed/20mm)
NATO20-ITN-P ?(Finish/Size: Polished/20mm)
NATO22-ITN-B ?(Finish/Size: Brushed/22mm)
NATO22-ITN-P ?(Finish/Size: Polished/22mm)

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