Taikonaut watch band

Swiss made 'T' Shape Blade Screwdriver, Orange Cap


Swiss made precision 'T' Shape Blade slot screwdriver is specially designed for high accuracy applications. Features in a heavy-duty steel knurled handle, provide extra gripping strength. Ball-bearing swivel cap help work with stability and comfort. Two blade sizes included: 1.6mm and 1.4mm. Remove the cap to reveal storage space for another size of the blade. Luxury hex set screw was applied for blade changing certainly, a hex key was included. It is a perfect tool to use for removing the links from MiLTAT stainless steel watch bracelets or sizing it.

Description: NT-SD-006J
Brand Name: MiLTAT
Size: 11.5mm x Dia. 10.0mm
Color / Finish: Black / Orange Cap
Material: Steel
Net Weight : 50g
2 interchangeable blades, Tip Size: 1.4, and 1.6mm

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